Mr. Fabio

Designer of marvels
Manchester, UK


I’m a designer with 15 years of experience in brand, product design, and creative direction. I create smart, friendly, and effective designs for a variety of companies in technology. Among these is Outerland which I founded in 2020. I’m currently heading the design efforts of teams in Fortune 500 businesses.

I also write and speak about design. I have spoken at several international events and overseen design curricula in design classrooms. My designs received substantial recognition including the coveted Apple Design Award. I was one of the first designers involved in the creation of the very first Android app for Bumble.


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    Head of Branding and Product Design at Lumar

    London, UK

    Setting creative vision, providing design leadership, establishing processes while directly participating in communications with clients such as Microsoft, eBay, Similarweb, RedHat, Twitch, Adobe, and many others.


    Senior Product Designer at Red Bull

    Vienna & Salzburg, Austria

    Establishing the creative vision and visual tone for MyGroove and Red Bull Mobile. Leading the mobile experiences efforts across various teams.


    Founder and CEO of Outerland

    London & Manchester, UK

    Design and consulting for early stage startups and established leaders at the intersection of brand and digital product. Clients include: Porsche, Bumble, Red Bull, BMW, Major Lazer, Qantas, Foundr and many Y Combinator startups.


    Founder and CEO of Fortnight Studio

    London & Manchester, UK

    Product design, web design, branding, illustration, and company leadership. Grew the studio to 30+ full-time staff.


    Reach out to me at @fffabs or [email protected].