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The 100-day writing challenge

I am preparing for 2024 with a strong mindset and a drive to better myself and provide personal support to the people closest to me.

As an accomplishment, albeit quite a simple one, I've successfully coded and launched this website. This allows me to write and publish my thoughts without friction. The friction of a complex publishing system coupled with an imaginary ideal audience meant I would never write anything. Months of planning without taking action meant that this project's idea lived rent-free in my mind.

Showing up is all that matters. Showing up for a meeting, work, or lunch with friends: showing up consistently is all that matters.

I don't think the right audience (or anyone) will read these articles. All I care about is that I write consistently and show up for this every day.

I have recently come to appreciate this quote by Seth Godin:

Well, I do many things every day, as most people do, such as breakfast and brushing my teeth. The question is, how do we set up a streak so that it helps us go to bed knowing that tomorrow we’re going to do something that’s a contribution? And some streaks like running are good for your health until they’re not because then your knees blow out. But what I have found is that committing to showing up every day with something that might shine a light on somebody is a really good habit to have. And I’ve said before that even if no one read my blog, I would still write it.

Seth Godin's Writing Everyday Podcast

Taking inspiration from Seth, I am going to create a challenge for myself and writing it out publicly allows me to make you, the reader, my accountability partner!

For the next 100 days, I will do all I can to write and publish a piece of content on this blog and in my newsletter: The Sunday Club .

As Elizabeth Gilbert says in her excellent TED talk, Your Elusive Creative Genius: the genie only comes to you once you show up every day.

It doesn't feel like I am wasting time just writing to myself (and publishing it publicly). When I’m writing content that is supposed to be valuable to others, I feel like I waste time (because I have a business that I could be spending time on and making more money).

So, I would like to get back into daily writing. No commitments, no agendas, just me and my thoughts. It’s not for anyone else but me, but I think good things will come of it.

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